Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Today is the second day I write in this blog. I can now feel the fun of blogging. It's so fun!!!
Ok, I will tell you about my school. I'm schooling at Smk Cyberjaya, a place that is full of technologies (well, not really hi-tech). There, I'm studiying at form 4 Science 1, a pure science class. We study much of things especially Science subject such as Biology, Physics and Chemistry. The members of the class is so fun. There are Arman(Bendahara), Hakim( Temenggung Jugah anak Barieng), Khairul (Indus guy), Syadzwan, Arif ( the Sultan of Meteorid kingdom), Aiman (Ahlil Nujum DiRaja) and others (don't want to full the page with names... hehehe). Here, we live in a harmony and peacefully life (what the hell are I'm talking about!). Well, as you can expected, our class is same like other classes. The noiziness, the silly jokes (especially to make fun of Wong....hahahaha) and the twao tribes. The nices ones and the mischief ones. And for your information, I'm in the second ones. So, this is my daily lives in my school. All sort of typical things that you may found in other school. This that I can tell you about my school. So, we'll meet again, sayonara!!!!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Ohaiyo gozaimasu!

Today I want to tell you about my crew, Sweet Lemon Crew. It's founded by my friend, Paan a.k.a Shark. I am the vice president of the group. The members are:

-Terung_93( me)
-Jep Kebab a.k.a GX_Lanun( Qusyairi)
-Mie_rul94( Fatihin)

In this group, we have a lot of activities done. The examples are:

-Thursday's Yaasin recital at our village mosque.
-CC time after the Yaasin recital.
-A monthly trip to Alamanda by bike.
-Hanging out time( whenever we want)
-Reunion with old friends.

That's that I can share about my crew. Other things will be informed later.

Hallo Everybody! Mushi mushi!

Today I started to blogging. It's the first time I'm blogging so I hope anybody can teach me. I don't know a lot! Your comment will be my motivation to keep blogging. Today let me introduce my self. I just a simple boy live in a simple village near Putrajaya. I was born in year 1993 at Kajang Hospital. I have 5 other sibling and a very loving parents. I like to spend my time playing games and read books (:p) and most of all, I like DRIFTING!!!!! It become my priority coz' I love to see the cars going sideways at insane speed. For your information, my favourite anime is Initial D that everybody that crazy about drift must watch it. It is an anime about Takumi Fujiwara, an ordinary high school student in day and a famous street racer at Akina mountain at night.